Rusty Door

rusty door© 2013 Michael Fiveson

In addition to being a door whore, I am also a rust slut. Therefore, it was with great excitement and anticipation I entered this rotting industrial complex. Oh mama!


53 thoughts on “Rusty Door

  1. Well really … perhaps you should start a new group . Put me on the list 😉
    Love the shot with those colours on the wriggly tin Mike.


  2. Rust rules so your being a whore, slut, whatever is understandable, uh, well in the realm of creative license that is, I plead the Fifth in the realm of materiel bliss and public opinion 🙂 Great shot Mike!


  3. Nice shot, almost has a finger painted look to it. Who ever knew you had such round heels when it comes to decaying entrances Mike?


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