Veterans Day

This is something that I posted some time ago, and while it is written about  WW ll vets, I would like to add that as a veteran myself, I am proud of all those who served, regardless of when and under what circumstance. Thank you vets, and happy Veterans day.


called to service

from our great cities

and tiny towns

farmers, carpenters, fathers, and fishermen

at a time, when the risk of dying

held great purpose

and was so clearly defined

off to save the world

and our way of life

these men, boys mostly

walked for months

crawled through unspeakable horror

died in a million awful ways

leaving behind





to march off

and save the world

so few left

they are all very old now

these heroes

they will tell you

they did nothing special

as they saved the world

many returned




yet prideful


and loved

if you meet one

thank him

tell him you know

what he did

and who he is

tell him

he saved the world

© 2013 Michael Fiveson