Hell Storm

hellOn August 3, at the precise moment this storm was moving towards my neighborhood, I was outside with my wife watching the sky moving in a circular motion. It was a very eerie shade of green and there were reports of tornadoes sighted in neighboring towns. We were mesmerized and afraid, and in the process of watching this, I never ran inside for my camera.

Good thing my friend Rudee Hartono was at work just to the north of my home and snapped this with his IPhone. He was kind enough to allow me to re-work the photo and post it.  As he watched it move south, I was watching it come in from the north. We had at least 25 minutes of intense hail and hard pounding rain. My gutters were quickly overwhelmed and we had some flooding.

Now I wait for my new roof and skylights, having already deposited my insurance check. All my neighbors need new roofs as well. My last one was just put on four years ago. We will soon be listening to crickets during the night, and hammers during the day. Oh well, just an inconvenience. But what a sky!