Daylily of the West

lily1My son just bought his first home and Judy and I were able to see it for the first time on Saturday. In addition to some nice landscaping, I was surprised to find some daylilies.

lily2We are lucky enough to have a son who brings us much joy. And the daylilies are nice too.

© 2013 Michael Fiveson


For our WWll veterans:


called to service

from our great cities

and tiny towns

farmers, carpenters, fathers, and fishermen

at a time, when the risk of dying

held great purpose

and was so clearly defined

off to save the world

and our way of life

these men, boys mostly

walked for months

crawled through unspeakable horror

died in a million awful ways

leaving behind





to march off

and save the world

so few left

they are all very old now

these heroes

they will tell you

they did nothing special

as they saved the world

many returned




yet prideful


and loved

if you meet one

thank him

tell him you know

what he did

and who he is

tell him

he saved the world


© 2012  Michael Fiveson



Migrant Housing

My local travels brought me to a group of homes surrounded by acres of land. I believe that this would be temporary housing for farm workers.

The first home was a bit tattered but the outhouses appeared to be well maintained with a fresh coat of paint on them.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

I always find it stunning when I see workers toiling under the sun as they bend all day to pick crops. I also think these are proud human beings who would do anything to maintain a family, and they are happy to do this work.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

This may well be a kitchen building where meals are prepared, but I don’t know that for sure.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

This home appears to be set up so it can be a small store which probably sells sodas, and snacks.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

It is my sense that later this summer these homes will be occupied by workers with very good backs, who must be very tired by days end.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson