3 Haiku Wednesday-Last Stop

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


long since abandoned

forgotten on a lone track

now a rusting shell


birds fly in and out

where children once laughed and slept

fools take pictures now


some still hear it roar

late at night when others sleep

a ghost train haunted


All Gone

his father told him

not to worry

and to meet him


after dinner

by the fence

that separated

where the boys lived

and the men lived

and so he did


and the minutes

they had together

were all that was left

his mother

and sister

were somewhere else

in that awful place

where people screamed

and disappeared

and there was very little food

and it was cold

and he had to pretend

to be older

like his father told him

because younger boys

are taken somewhere

and never return

he did not know why

they were taken from their home

so many

such a long trip







so each day

he went to that fence

for many months

as his father grew thinner

and his mother

and sister

were somewhere else

I love you, said father

be strong

be brave

work hard

come tomorrow

my son

and so he did

except his father

was not there

that day

or the next day

or any other day


and all that he had

was all gone

in that awful place

called Auschwitz


© 2012  Michael Fiveson


For our WWll veterans:


called to service

from our great cities

and tiny towns

farmers, carpenters, fathers, and fishermen

at a time, when the risk of dying

held great purpose

and was so clearly defined

off to save the world

and our way of life

these men, boys mostly

walked for months

crawled through unspeakable horror

died in a million awful ways

leaving behind





to march off

and save the world

so few left

they are all very old now

these heroes

they will tell you

they did nothing special

as they saved the world

many returned




yet prideful


and loved

if you meet one

thank him

tell him you know

what he did

and who he is

tell him

he saved the world


© 2012  Michael Fiveson



3 Haiku Wednesday-Movie House

An old movie house that closed many years ago……..

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


I sit quietly

sounds and laughter are no more

I miss the children



I remember you

in everything beautiful

soft breezes mostly



we were children then

although I knew I loved you

our first kiss inside


Circus Elephant

I am the circus elephant

hollow, empty, angry, deranged

taken from all that was important to me

my heart was broken

my soul was bled

born to exist as part of a family

proud as a member, loved and alive

my days were joyful

I had children who I loved so much

and they, with my brothers and sisters

were my whole life

my reason to exist

I am now alone

tortured daily

to perform for you

and I do

dead, without purpose

my existence is empty

like my soul

and all my days

endless and dark

are spent hoping

that some day


perhaps when my tormentors

are at ease

I will show you my anger

my twisted and broken heart

will know only rage

as I run from this life

to certain death

crushing as many of you as I can

running in any direction

devoid of all hope

not even remembering the joy of play

or the love I once knew

I will die screaming

when you kill me

and set me free

© 2011  Michael Fiveson



would come by my desk

almost every day

as his days were running out

and he would sit

and laugh

and share

and I

loved it

we connected as men

and co-workers

and human beings

and the things we talked about


more than he knew

more than I knew

politics, love, life, humor, absurdities, death, pain, joy, fishing, Mexico, work

the conversations friends have

especially dying ones

go to new places

and leave indelible marks


John does not come by my desk

even though I know he is gone

I look for him

and long for him

and wonder

how any friend

could ever be

a light so bright

a heart so soft




The Children

explain to me

you smilers

and knowers

of truth

you who have mastered

right and wrong

explain to me

the children

crying at night

beyond comfort

they would suck their thumbs

if they had any

separated from their parents

who blew up

before their eyes

mother’s last look

father’s last touch

in pieces

while the children


wishing they had died

blind, limbless, hopeless

beyond repair

explain to me

you masters of war

decision makers

widow makers

how you sleep at night





those children

would claw your eyes out

rip your guts out

claim your soul

if you had one