Three Tiny Birds

Unless someone tells me otherwise, I will conclude that the mystery egg that I placed in a Robin’s nest was tossed and replaced with a third Robin’s egg.

odd egg inAs you can see, one bird does appear darker than the other two, but my research suggests it is probably a male robin. Still, great fun and they will soon be off.

three baby birds© 2014 Michael Fiveson

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Three Baby Birds

Many of you might remember a post I did a few weeks ago about a bird egg I found and put in a new Robin’s nest. That post can be found here. Since that time, all three eggs have incubated and I now have this…hungryThese are three hard to distinguish babies that only seem to be awake when either of the parents are there to feed them. This photo is close to a week old and this is today’s…..three peepersWhile there are three babies, and there were three eggs, I do not know for certain that the egg I found and placed is one of these little guys. The bird that is facing us on the far right appears to have more hair than the other two. I don’t know for sure, and they are difficult to photograph, but as time goes on I will see if I indeed saved a bird. How exciting!

maybe from white egg© 2014 Michael Fiveson

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