On a chilly day in early November I walked without concern until I heard what sounded like something flying past me at a very quick speed. So quick, I could not see it, although I could feel a presence and there was an awful smell, like something that died long ago, but refused to give up its stink. Again and again it swooshed past me and my steps became more urgent as I became genuinely afraid. I passed someone’s trash and grabbed an old  2×4, just in case I might need it. That would be fine, if it was a human I was sensing, but this was something else, I was certain. Then I heard it and could not believe what it said

“I want to suck your blood”…I looked up and…and… oh my God……there it was!!

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

P.S  I can no longer see my reflection in the mirror, which turns out to be a blessing. My wife really likes my stamina, but my dog only growls at me. But the best part is that there is a vampire convention next year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and flying there will be much cheaper this time. Quicker too.

Well Past Bizarre

This is the story of what I found a few days ago when I went into my basement to look for something located close to where I store my paint cans and buckets. This is what I saw…Now what in the hell is that I wondered and upon closer examination saw this….

Apparently a can without a cap had some leakage and morphed into an alien from outer space, or at least looks like what I always thought they might look like. You can still see the spray nozzle that was consumed to create bone and structure…

Note the oblong cranium which is a sure sign of an advanced being with superior intellect..

This head is as hard as a….head, and must have formed some time ago. Note the brain which is partially outside the skull. So far it has not chosen to communicate with me, even though I find myself sending it messages….including “please don’t hurt me.”

WHY ME! WHY ME! (should I sell it on ebay?)

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

All Gone

his father told him

not to worry

and to meet him


after dinner

by the fence

that separated

where the boys lived

and the men lived

and so he did


and the minutes

they had together

were all that was left

his mother

and sister

were somewhere else

in that awful place

where people screamed

and disappeared

and there was very little food

and it was cold

and he had to pretend

to be older

like his father told him

because younger boys

are taken somewhere

and never return

he did not know why

they were taken from their home

so many

such a long trip







so each day

he went to that fence

for many months

as his father grew thinner

and his mother

and sister

were somewhere else

I love you, said father

be strong

be brave

work hard

come tomorrow

my son

and so he did

except his father

was not there

that day

or the next day

or any other day


and all that he had

was all gone

in that awful place

called Auschwitz


© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Anne Frank

I will confess that only now, this late in life, am I reading Anne Frank’s diary.

With just 20 pages left, and her demise imminent, I am reluctant to finish it, as I know how I am going to react, and I am already grieving. During the course of this read I have fallen completely in love with this brave and enchanting girl who was so far beyond her years. Still, she had a child’s innocence while teetering between remarkable insight, bravery, fear, and a young girl’s fantasy.

I find that as I get older certain things punch me right in the heart, and my soul bleeds openly. Our world is filled with so much beauty which runs concurrently with a certain degree of horror and unimaginable suffering. This dichotomy spins my head and leaves me uncertain of everything outside of my own small family.

Now I am off to say goodbye to Anne and hurt just a little bit more.