Historic Farm

While riding my motorcycle through country roads in Northern Colorado, I recently passed a quaint and beautiful property with some appealing old structures. In short order I knew I had to turn around and I am very glad I did.I was going to ring the door bell and ask for permission to take a few photos when I came upon Judy Firestien and her mother Ruth. They were quite gracious about giving me permission to wander the property and gave me some information about this historic site. The tractor below is named “Ollie”

Officially this property is called the Von Trotha-Firestien Farm at Bracewell and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since May, 2009. This property is long associated with the development of irrigated farming, sugar beet cultivation, and livestock feeding. The interesting variety of buildings date back to the early 1900s and represent materials that have been recycled and in some cases brought to this farm from other properties.

The railroad box car was moved to this property in the 1940s.

There used to be a chicken house located right behind the gas pumps but on June 29th, 2012, a micro-burst suddenly appeared and destroyed the building. Good thing there were no chickens inside!

Wandering around this property made me feel joyous and child-like. There was not only a sense of history there, but it had a friendly feel to it. I found a patch of grass that had some great light. I thought it had a magic quality to it.

The interior of one of the out buildings revealed a time worn beauty.

The farm is still active and is presently growing corn, oats, and alfalfa. And a few peaches!

There were many beautiful things I found on my stroll and they included this old bench which hints at time, work, history, and sweat.

I also found some floral arrangements including this well crafted and creative display.

A property that is well cared for includes watering to keep flowers and plants healthy.

I was so taken with Ollie the tractor I thought he deserved a closer look.

If you would like additional information go to www.BracewellFarm.com

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