3 Haiku Wednesday-Horses

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

I marvel at them

spiritual and graceful

so easy to love


a close look I get

they are trusting but careful

I would hurt me first


their presence is joy

little things that fill me up

harvested moments


3 Haiku Wednesday-Desolation Street

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


You won’t hear children

not on desolation street

no place to play now


the old timers know

but are too tired to care

that their town has died


Just the bar still stands

weary souls and alcohol

how did this happen….

3 Haiku Wednesday-Last Stop

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


long since abandoned

forgotten on a lone track

now a rusting shell


birds fly in and out

where children once laughed and slept

fools take pictures now


some still hear it roar

late at night when others sleep

a ghost train haunted


3 Haiku Wednesday-Yard

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


laughter filled this yard

and then the years fell away

adults now, still loved


the still of country

sweet breezes and lemonade

life is slipping by


I have tasted joy

quiet mornings spent with you

that’s my religion

3 Haiku Wednesday-Movie House

An old movie house that closed many years ago……..

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


I sit quietly

sounds and laughter are no more

I miss the children



I remember you

in everything beautiful

soft breezes mostly



we were children then

although I knew I loved you

our first kiss inside