A Gift From The Universe

After my most recent weekly shower I was readying for a much needed shave when, to my bemusement, Little Man popped out of my shaving cream can. I quickly and nakedly ran downstairs to show Judy who was immediately overcome with laughter (was it my nakedness?) All the while Little Man stared silently before finally uttering something about life in a dark can, and slowly shrunk and withered away in my warm hand.

Rock My World

002© 2014 Michael Fiveson

I have been polishing rocks, off and on, for forty years. During this time I have found some  beauties. Many of these have been picked off the beach and arrive after years of tumbling naturally in oceans far and wide. They are mostly rounded and partially smooth. Then they spend four weeks in a tumbler with different degrees of grit, culminating with a polish for the last week. The results are often remarkable, and always surprising.

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September Pumpkin

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Those of you who read my stuff know how much I love this dog. On Saturday we had a great off leash hike and Pumpkin took some rest on the cool grass. Not long after this photo she jumped into a lake three times. She was such a stinky mess and I had to lift all 85 lbs of her into a bath tub. Now she is beautiful again. Next time, leash on for that lake.