Log Cabin Garage

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

I wouldn’t expect to find a garage in a log cabin but in Saratoga, Wyoming, this is what I found.  I think there is a nice range of texture and color here and even the plywood covering the the window frames works in harmony with the other tones.


© 2012  Michael Fiveson

There are a couple of different things I could have called this photo, and  the long and rusting hinges are compelling. Also of interest are the glass windows, each with their own distinct reflection. While this photo works well in B&W, the reflections become somewhat muted.

A Proud Member

A fellow blogger and excellent photographer has bestowed upon me the membership badge that every door whore would desire. Adrian at Adrianpym.wordpress.com does some amazing work in jolly old England and I greatly encourage anyone to look at his photography. Here is the badge he was kind enough to give me.

In seeking my own doors and other weathered sites, I do so on my motorcycle. Like any good man with a motorcycle, I love mine, and so I present it for inspection. Door whores of the world, unite!