Firestone House

firestone house© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Located right off a busy highway, this wrecked house just wastes away, piece by piece. What happened to this broken house and why is it left standing?

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Since 1927

since 1927© 2013 Michael Fiveson

This image was found in a small town in Texas. I don’t know what it might have been but on the lower left one can still see ‘since 1927’, suggesting this was once a store front. It also has the look of a saloon, or even a restaurant. Thoughts?

Figure in Window

When I process my images I often think I can see things that maybe should not be there. In this case I will present two images, the second of which is a piece of the first image, cropped for clarification. Perhaps I am simply insane….What drew my attention is in the right side window, bottom left pane. The second image might allow you to see what I see. Or perhaps there is nothing there at all….thoughts?

Images © 2012 Michael Fiveson

Red Lamp

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Hanging above the door of an old Colorado building is this curious grouping. A hanging platform suspended by wires sits below a window that has been barred with wood. A single red lamp sits as if to illuminate this curious scene but only adds mystery.