Images and Haiku

Allow me to present 4 images with accompanying Haiku. The first 3 images and all 4 of the haiku are mine. I have a very talented blogging friend who is a gifted writer, traveler, and a gourmet cook. The last image belongs to Michael aka The Blissful Adventurer. Check out his amazing blog.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

a yellow crayon

fell from the enormous box

I colored a wall

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

a pure white garage

hiding in a country town

feels like a soft cloud

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

with a brush in hand

and ten gallons of fresh paint

ugly building pink

an electric street

hot blue neon set on fire

no souls there to see

Ghostly House

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Found off a dirt road in Colorado, this abandoned home appears over the top spooky. A cloudy and stormy day set the stage for an emotional photo. Although I wanted to go in, I had a very strong feeling that I should not, and my intuition is often my guide.