Pumpkin Chillin’

Come to think of it, she chills quite a bit.Pumpkin is a very happy dog but when we go away in the motorhome she is always content and especially mellow. Here I was a bit lazy with my photo as she was sitting below the dining room table and I just shot from there, instead of getting much lower as I usually do. I think she matches the rug, floor, and wood cabinets nicely. I adore her.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson


When we first came to Colorado in 1972 we fell in love with the mountains and fresh air. It did not take long for us to start backpacking where we slept in down filled bags in a small tent at 11,000 ft. What I remember most about those trips is how nice it felt to be done, as the ground was hard and the nights were very cold. We still like to camp, but our accommodations have changed some over the years……Living close to Rocky Mountain National Park gives us the opportunity to find very clean air and escape the lowlands for as long as we would like.

Whether we are close to home or a little further, there are many possibilities for great camping. Last year we drove to Woodland Park, CO, for a week where we stayed amongst pine trees that smelled great. There too it was nice and cool and we had a wonderful trip.

Today is March 1st and soon it will be summer again…….right?

And then there is Pumpkin who loves to camp but would rather be driving.