Happy New Year

New Year Kite© 2013 Michael Fiveson

A belated Happy New Year to all of you. One day I will write about the joy and discovery I have found from blogging and what your comments and thoughts mean to me. I also marvel at how skilled and creative this blogging community is, and I am continually inspired. Joy, peace, and laughter are my wishes for all of you. Thank you.

(this kite was at least 30 feet long and had a nice sea breeze to keep it aloft)

WTF Award


The WTF award has been generously given to me by Bob at Bobbing for Meaning.

The rules state that I must reveal 5 things about myself I would prefer nobody know, as well as nominate 5 fellow bloggers.

Well, this is embarrassing but here goes:

1) Some consider me to be insane or at least to have a serious personality disorder.

2) When I was a child I helped launch little farty toads into space.

3) I had sex when I was 15. She had red hair.

4) I made my last (and I mean LAST) supervisor cry. She fired me.

5) I don’t want to live forever.

Whew! Do I have any friends left?

My blogging nominees are:

1) John at Just another Trick

2) Dick at Thinking with Both Heads

3) Lila at Please Bitch Slap Me

4) Mona at Just Yo Ho

And lastly a special shout out to:

5) Clithia at My Own Pretty Name


Hard to let this day pass without expressing my continuing admiration for those who answered the call after Pearl Harbor.

As a Navy vet myself, 1968-1972, I have grown to understand the incredible bravery and resolve that went into fighting that war and saving the world from a fate unimaginable.

The heroes that braved those years fighting for a cause so just, experienced conditions that were beyond comprehension. My respect knows no bounds. If you see any person in uniform, thank them. If you meet a WWll veteran, give them a hug. They are vanishing quickly.