24 thoughts on “Flower Garden

      • We’re still hoping fo a downpour. More than just one, actually. But then, one will have to be careful what one wishes for. Nearby Uvalde County recently had 9 inches in just three hours, which turned the Nueces River into a raging torrent. 27 people had to be rescued.


      • And I am waiting for my 5th roof in 10 years. Two major hail storms so far this summer. We are living through the beginning of the end. Food shortages are next.

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      • Luckily, we have had no severe hail storms here – yet. I think that’s only a matter of time, though. The previous owners [we bought this house in 2013] had had one about half a year before they sold it to us. Thus we were lucky to get a new roof!
        I agree with you about the changing climate and the changing weather patterns. I was shocked to recently read that they had tornado warnings in Germany! And there [and all over northern Europe] the potato and grain harvest will be greatly reduced this summer, up to between 40 to 60 percent less!


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