I’m a bit confused as to what the little one is. Pregnant donkey? Anyhow, they moved around together and that big dapple horse is beautiful. Ah, Colorado.


11 thoughts on “Companions

    • It sure seems young and small to be with donkey child. When I left they were talking about chasing a prairie dog so they are best buddies, I reckon.


    • Hi Oliver. I am good and still enjoying life at the age of 69 with limitations due to spine issues. Still, I am married 47 years and my wife is still my lover. No complaints except for Trump which is as embarrassing as it is infuriating. You good?

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      • Hi Mike. I am glad your doing okay. I hope you beat the spinal issues. Im glad your okay. Trump was a suprise. In the UK ours was Brexit. 47 years is along time well done

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