20 thoughts on “Peach Blossoms

  1. In 2012, our peach tree produced around four bushels. We were looking to who we could give them to. Some went out-of-state to friends, the vet’s office, the good neighbors, the mailman (who gave us some pears in return). Of course, the kitties had to inspect the whole lot.

    May your yield be a generous one. 🙂


    • Aye, it’s my neighbor’s tree and although small, it can produce. He lets me pick some, and sometimes I steal them.

      If you ever get in a bind again, I’ll gladly pay postage and handling.


  2. I was a city raised guy for the first part of my life and thought peaches grew in the back of the grocery store. Then I moved to Florida and found out that some fruits grow on trees. Who knew?


      • Mike: crazy question. Today I got three hundred hits from 280 visitors. Is that a lot or just normal. I wonder what is going on. What is normal for hits and visitors.. Just curious


      • Ba, that is a shitload of hits. I’m lucky when I get 100. But in May of 2012 i averaged over 300 a day for the entire month. That is when I used to blog a lot. I have no idea what happened to make you get so many hits, but enjoy it my friend.


      • Thanks for replying. The truth is I blogged less. You think the readers are trying to tell me to be quiet? Comments were few. Just strange to me. But as you said take it and enjoy it.

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  3. Yum, Mike! Since the rains are gone for now and spring has arrived, we’ve worked in our yard the last two weekends, and it looks so nice. The weeds grow faster than lightening, so we do have a gardener to help out, but we also do a lot. It’s great to look out the windows and see “clean green” and lots of color. Enjoy those peaches! By the way, we have deer walking down our street all the time, so we’re limited as to what we can plant in front. 🙂


    • It sounds as if you have a nice little paradise there. We just grow tomatoes and squash. but I do have a nice home in a nice community and what else do I need, really. We got rain last night and it will rain again today and tomorrow. Green and clean. Sanitized. Tis a good life.

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      • We’ve tried to grow some veggies, but they didn’t take it off. So flowers it is. 🙂 It sounds like you have your own paradise, too. Have a great week, dear friend.

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