Winter Field

It is here that the ghost of my dog waits for me. All the years spent walking and exploring. What was so joyful then is now a holding place, as she looks for me, and yearns for me. All the while I reminisce, longingly, desperately, lovingly.


40 thoughts on “Winter Field

  1. Perfection — in words and image, joined. I don’t think I knew how to truly enjoy a hike or simple walk before my little Josie became my companion. My heart goes out to you. ❀️


    • Thank you very much Carrie. Or do you prefer The Lady Birde?
      The joy of a good walk in that large area was so much fun. Pumpkin was always off leash and she loved it so.


  2. There are certain places where we can feel them the strongest. Though we’ve moved, fortunately, our spirit cats moved with us, and occasionally catch that “corner of the eye” sighting of them.


  3. Arms around you. It’s so hard. I love arriving to your sweet Pumpkin greeting me. It’s bittersweet to have loved and lost your best friend in the world, I’m so sorry you’re hurting. x K


  4. Just arrived Mike…you brought a tear to my eyes. Mine was “Bluedog” after the beer. She was long legged Beagle, scented nose up, never leave your sight. She would stop and look back as if to say ‘pic it up old man.. Yup Canadian. From the other end of Ontario


    • Ah, my sweet precious dog Pumpkin. God I miss her. They love us and then we grieve.
      I lived in Toronto as a kid. Lucky you in beautiful Ontario, eh.


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