15 thoughts on “Relic

    • I think such things reflect on time, and probably our own short journey through it.
      I have seen trailers like this in northern Michigan being converted into food trucks, without the motor.


  1. The children of today have little connection to the antiques of yesteryear. I remember diners. They know food courts. I know t.v. dinners and they know take out. I remember dates and they go out in groups. Life goes in a circle but the circle contains 275 decrees of gray. The past fades and the future dims. Life goes on until it stops.


    • Ba, this is very eloquent. You and I grew up with the same things……egg creams, bialys, and diners for sure. All the items on a diner’s menu, geez! Pages and pages full.
      I share your concern about the head in your phone generation. Real relationships have lost something to the social media and impersonal that comes along with it. I look at all that living we did and marvel to still be around with all that history lived through.
      You are a good man in addition to being funny and eloquent.


      • Somewhere you and I are related. Same brain patterns. It seemed simple back in the past. True was true and false was wrong. Decisions were based on morality. Today morality is on the sliding end of a greasy stick. To bad. But the one thing I do know is I want the best for my children and grandchildren.


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