A Gift From The Universe

After my most recent weekly shower I was readying for a much needed shave when, to my bemusement, Little Man popped out of my shaving cream can. I quickly and nakedly ran downstairs to show Judy who was immediately overcome with laughter (was it my nakedness?) All the while Little Man stared silently before finally uttering something about life in a dark can, and slowly shrunk and withered away in my warm hand.

24 thoughts on “A Gift From The Universe

    • I swear to you the very next day I put shaving cream in my hand and there was a PERFECT lady shape and she had a a hood over her head. I once again ran downstairs naked to show Judy and she was blown away and asked me if I shaped it. Who can shape shaving cream? I did not take a picture of this as I figured once was enough and very few people seem to appreciate it. Glad you do Carrie! Thanks.

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