16 thoughts on “Sweet Face

    • I once met an online blogging friend, in person. After years of clever conversation we agreed to meet at a midpoint which involved a 110 mile ride for both of us. I had great anticipation to finally meet Becky and when the day finally arrived I made that drive excited to spend time with a new friend and to see her face to face. As I approached the arranged meeting place (on a bridge…her idea) I could see the red coat she told me to look for and I had to work at remaining calm, collected, and mature. She could see me coming and as I got closer I noticed that her body language changed from anticipation to very nervous. When at last I was within an arms reach of her she appeared quite startled and as I reached out to shake her hand (or was it give her a hug?) she suddenly let out with a blood curdling scream and jumped 40 feet into the river at which point she was swept away, only to be found later that day, quite deceased.
      So now I fear to meet anymore blogging friends, and choose instead to not scare them to death, as I did poor sweet Becky, who I miss talking to.
      I wish I could tell you that was an isolated incident, but I can not. I have made children cry by just looking at them. Dogs yelp. The mailman just tosses my mail from his moving vehicle into my yard. Neighbors seldom stay for more than a month or two. I have induced heart attacks in the elderly. Once I went to visit my grandmother in a nursing home (years ago) and 6 residents perished during my visit. Airplanes fall from the sky. Priests pray when they see me. My own sweet wife hides under the bed if she thinks I’m on my way upstairs. Squirrels electrocute themselves. Rabbits hide.
      Stay my online friend and live long, without fear.

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      • I was sucked into your whole story believing every word until you got to the rabbits and squirrels. It was only then I knew you were pulling my leg as you just said earlier – animals can sense kindness 😉
        Live long and prosper yourself my friend. 🙂

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