21 thoughts on “October Trees

  1. I love autumn, too. But – unfortunately – we don’t have such colourful trees around here. With mostly oaks and cypresses we don’t get these colours. But maybe I’ll make it to the Lost Maples Natural Area this year. It’s not too far.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,


  2. Autumn is very pretty but what I DON’T like about autumn here (or fall if you prefer) is the fact that one day it’s 80 and your wearing shorts and flip-flops and the next it’s 40 with a wind chill of 30 and you’re seriously considering wearing a balaclava to walk the dog!


      • Thank you Michael! At the moment wallabies would be immensely welcome. We have just lost two apple trees to marauding possums, both brush tailed and ring tailed varieties. I’m feeling murderous towards them but as protected species we just have to sigh, mourn and plant things they don’t eat. I’m particularly sad as the trees were outside the room in which I blog and slob. They were really pretty and shady till the poss-mobsters got to them. 😢


      • Possums sure are ugly creatures. I get woodpeckers this time of year that make holes in my house. They too are protected but someone who looks like me occasionally shoots a dart at them from a long and powerful blow gun. Whenever I type “woodpecker” I think of Pinocchio, for some reason.

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      • Woodpecker and Pinocchio? I don’t know the story well enough to know if that is in the tale or if you are just barking mad! 😁. Our possums are much prettier than yours but just as irritating as a bird making holes in a house would be. I’m astonished they would be interested in painted or treated wood. Must be dumb ones!


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