Autumn Bee

This looks like a bumble bee of some sort, with very cool colors.


11 thoughts on “Autumn Bee

  1. Lovely colours and focus Mike.
    When I was a wee girl my friend and I used to catch bumble bees in jam jars (and also pull the heads off her mothers roses in the bargain!) We’d let them go by unscrewing the lid and throwing the jar onto the grass and running away as fast as our legs would carry us. 😁
    Good times! 😊


  2. I think the bumble bees here have long since put on their down jackets and crawled into sleeping bags for the winter. Beautiful colors that remind me spring will return to us one day. Hope this finds you well Mike. I think of Pumpkin from time to time and a smile still comes across my face.


    • Oh Pumpkin. There apparently will never be a day I don’t think of her many times. Still more sadness than joy, but time marches on.
      This bee was shot maybe 10 days-2 weeks ago. I know you are well north of me, when you aren’t off visiting other countries. Good to see you Sue, and thanks.

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