30 thoughts on “Sumac Surrender

  1. Sumac is part of our colorful autumn landscape in Oklahoma. I love how weeds and invasive plants really cast some beautiful colors – if only we learn to appreciate them for that! I let weeds grow this time of year. They make food for the birds all winter!


    • Ah, you are a smart one, grasshopper. You have kissed the earth and warmed animals in need. Tell me, grasshopper, do you have a place for an older man, very much my age, who might come to know your warmth and compassion?

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  2. I miss the colors of the season. Here in Florida the color is green or in dry times brown. I am thinking of writing a book on all the stuff I have written over the years. I am going to call it Plotz and Puns of B. Man. I am publishing some on my blog and need insight into which I should use and which I should discard. I would appreciate your insight. Thanks in advance, Barry


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