Old General Store

Time worn and battered by the elements, this store is just going to fall apart and melt into the earth. Note the great carvings, left and right. Found in South Dakota.


28 thoughts on “Old General Store

  1. … just goes to show how nature has the power and majesty, to take over all that is man-made… even a hardy wooden remnant such as this – including the beautiful carvings and textures.


    • Me too. In years past I would ride my motorcycle in every which direction and discover many buildings that are “knackered.” That was when I blogged more frequently and had good stats. Now the big bike is sold, and there is little left to discover out my way.

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      • I still consider myself a newbie blogger and am still astounded when anyone comments or even reads my blogs. I’m very appreciative that people take the time to look so always try to comment when I see a post that appeals to me. This shot is one that I would have been happy to take myself Mike.


  2. Where I grew up in Ontario, we had a general store down the road a bit. The owner smoked cigars, so everything, even chewing gum, smelled like it. 🙂 A by gone scene, replaced by Costcos and Walmarts.


    • We recently bought a GIANT bag of white popcorn at Costco. $6. It was fabulous and lightly salted and we finished it in 4 days. I want another.
      I lived in Toronto as a young child. My mother and brother were born in Canada. I never saw you there Lilly.

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