23 thoughts on “Chillin Bunny

  1. Fortunately, we don’t seem to have a large bunny population (or a location where people dump their pet bunnies… ). Since we moved in five years ago we’ve had one wild bunny with a baby or two every year living under our deck. Very welcome bunch.


    • They nest under my shed in the backyard, as well as other places I’m sure. I had one dig a hole right in the middle of the yard. That wasn’t going to work for me. I mean what the hell, should I invite them in for lettuce next?

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  2. I have bunnies, too! I keep big dishes of water out in the yard for them (and the birds, bees, etc.). I love seeing them get a drink of water early in the morning.


  3. I saved 3 last year from dawg…. mind you it might just have been one who kept coming back :-/ Anyway I moved them from the silly place their mother thought would make a good nest – right under a bush where dawg could get to. Luckily he just seemed interested in sniffing them. Your bunny is lovely Mike.


      • I’m not sure what Dawg would do if he caught a squirrel. He lives in hope of catching one unaware. Every morning first thing he does his ‘squirrel patrol’ round the backyard to see off those pesky varmits! I don’t know what I’d do if he ate birds 😦
        Mind you I used to have a cat who would bring me bird presents….


  4. We have our share of rabbits in the area but the presence of raptors and predators
    insures a healthy viable population – nature’s system of checks and balances.
    After all they are noted for breeding like rabbits.


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