Chillin Bunny

There are many wild bunnies living in my neighborhood, and this one likes to rest under my blue spruce tree in the backyard. He be chillin.


23 thoughts on “Chillin Bunny

  1. Fortunately, we don’t seem to have a large bunny population (or a location where people dump their pet bunnies… ). Since we moved in five years ago we’ve had one wild bunny with a baby or two every year living under our deck. Very welcome bunch.


    • They nest under my shed in the backyard, as well as other places I’m sure. I had one dig a hole right in the middle of the yard. That wasn’t going to work for me. I mean what the hell, should I invite them in for lettuce next?

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  2. I have bunnies, too! I keep big dishes of water out in the yard for them (and the birds, bees, etc.). I love seeing them get a drink of water early in the morning.


  3. I saved 3 last year from dawg…. mind you it might just have been one who kept coming back :-/ Anyway I moved them from the silly place their mother thought would make a good nest – right under a bush where dawg could get to. Luckily he just seemed interested in sniffing them. Your bunny is lovely Mike.


      • I’m not sure what Dawg would do if he caught a squirrel. He lives in hope of catching one unaware. Every morning first thing he does his ‘squirrel patrol’ round the backyard to see off those pesky varmits! I don’t know what I’d do if he ate birds 😦
        Mind you I used to have a cat who would bring me bird presents….


  4. We have our share of rabbits in the area but the presence of raptors and predators
    insures a healthy viable population – nature’s system of checks and balances.
    After all they are noted for breeding like rabbits.


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