29 thoughts on “Dakota Ranch

  1. That strong diagonal line with the glaring white clouds that look like they are racing towards you combined with the very straight horizontal line of buildings creates a striking image.
    (I was lucky enough to work with one of the WW II code/wind talkers – Native American born in S. Dakota. Amazing person. Amazing lands)


    • Wow, how nice that you had an opportunity to work with a wind talker. I have a deep but sad respect for all Native Americans and will never shake the sense that I am an intruder.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my image. I greatly appreciate it.

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      • Oh I feel it, deeply. How they allowed the town to be called “Custer” is somewhat infuriating to me. How must it make Native Americans feel.

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      • One must be step lightly if it’s not your fight – and it is already written. It is what it is. The majority of the First People- the older ones- that I know have a quietness – more than just resignation, as if there’s a more informed, long range view and perspective. No one ever really owns the land – or names it – just temporary guardians/residents/intruders.
        We tend to be slow learners at times, but best to stumble along trying to open eyes so as not to trip any more than necessary as we make our way.


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