Old Abandoned Home

This would have been a beautiful home in its time. Now it erodes in the sun.


15 thoughts on “Old Abandoned Home

    • It seems to still be standing up straight, which would suggest some good beams. Yes the wood is gorgeous. It is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, out in the plains of South Dakota.

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  1. I liked this one. Just letting you know that I just had a triple by pass. It is one month later of going to hell and back. This is the first chance I had an opportunity to look at your blog. I feel like the old house. I now had one room fixed, the heart of the house and the fire place is still working. You gave me a smile with your picture. Thank you. Barry


    • Hi Ba. Sorry to hear about the by pass, but glad you are toughing it out. We are like that old house, except still alive and kicking. I’m in the same line you are. Good to see you. Thank you.


    • I spent a month in Rockport one winter several years ago. I looked far and wide for structures but only came upon a few. Lots of big ranches down that way, I reckon.
      Most of the old houses I shoot have given up on second chances, but are left with memories, both dear and painful.

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  2. I wonder who the “last” people were to live here. I wonder what it looked like before they moved out. It looks big, and on spacious property. How is it, that it didn’t sell to another and became what it is today? I wonder if it’s haunted and the people that owned it, just got out. Never looked back.


    • I wonder all of that too. Such a strong looking structure that would have been magnificent in its day. It would have been a ranch/farm home given that there is open space all around it.
      Thanks Sandi.
      I had no access to it or I would have gone in and taken photos while getting my feel for any haunting.

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