32 thoughts on “Twin Fawns

  1. Good capture, Mike. Hopefully everybody else was driving as carefully as you were. That’s our main concern here, with the fawns – and the deer in general: too many drivers going too fast, even on the road along our property, which is still within city limits.
    We’re so lucky to have fawns on our property. Three this year. I could get quite few pictures – and I could go on clicking away all day – and even some videos [have them on both my blogs]. I love those little ones scampering about.


    • It was crazy. I was on a back road looking for images and not finding many. I turned a corner and there they were. I slowed gently and shot from my car with the window down. As you know, they weren’t there for long, and of course I thought of you. Mule deer?

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      • Those look like mule deer just by the ears. We do not have mule deer here – only white-tail. I have seen adult mule deer while taking back roads in Colorado years ago. All deer are beautiful to me. 🙂


      • And in woods near and far, deer whisper of the wonderful human who goes by the name Littlesundog. It is said that she is a great friend to the deer families and has saved not only deer, but squirrels and many other animals as well. They call her an earth mother who cherishes nature in the same way they do. Before they rest in the evening, they talk of Littlesundog, and give thanks for her being.

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      • Aw, that just made my day, Mike. Your words touched my soul. That little deer, Daisy, changed my life’s direction… and I’m thankful for that. Those of us who have been wounded by humanity and the cruelty culture find peace in the backroads, woodlands and prairies where nature invites solace and tranquility, offering a balm of healing by presenting these beautiful messengers in our lives. The appearance of an animal or bird – it means something, Mike. It’s a gift to you…


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