24 thoughts on “Columbine, Part Deux

    • Based on your positive response to this photo I decided to share it with the whole world. So far 35 of the whole world have taken a look. It has a ways to go. Thanks for being one of them, Scottoro (as you are known in Italy.)

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      • I saw that you did share it with the rest of the world…with your admirers, near and far…and commend you for doing so. I would like to offer that the world will be a better place because of it…

        And you are welcome for the visit…it’s always a pleasure. 🙂

        Scottoro…ok. I suppose that’s more appropriate than Biscotti…..

        Have a sweet day, brother Mike.

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    • I was really pleasantly surprised with this image. I knew how amazing the color combination is but really never know what I have until I see it at home. Delicate it is. Wispy and almost marine like.


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