I Hope You Have An Apple

Sadly, I did not have an apple and soon my pretty friend returned to ignoring me.


20 thoughts on “I Hope You Have An Apple

      • They’re great to have around. And, like dogs and cats, they will bond with the right person.

        My first horse ride, a pony ride, was when I was in kindergarten. All I remember was we were living in Hawaii for a few months. My pony was a paint, my sister had a bay. It was an actual walk, not in a circle. Best 5-10 minutes.


      • Good stuff. If I had land here I would also have chickens, ducks, and goats. Did that in our first house back in 1973 in north Denver in a place called goat hill. Small house, 1/2 acre. Didn’t have a horse, but sure had fun. Same wife. We were kids,


  1. Love it Mr, Mike. I take small red apples to the horses near where I live. When they see me they come a-runnin’. Normally, I get under the fence and away before I run out of apples, When I was slow ,,, I had all my pockets checked better than and airport security screening. g


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