Colorado Landscape

A spring storm will pound this property, and hasten its demise as it slides into oblivion.


18 thoughts on “Colorado Landscape

    • There was a time a few years ago when almost all my photography was barns, buildings, and old homes. I rode a motorcycle all over this county for many miles in all directions. I realized at some point that I had been on just about every road possible. Sold the bike, kept the camera, fewer pictures as a result.

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  1. A lot of rural Colorado is disappearing, and rather quickly in some years than others. Part of it is cost in making a living, the other part is the hard work involved.


    • Family farms and ranches are lost to mega corporate interests and retail stores are also being lost to online entities. Soon we will be a planet of young people whose face is stuck to their idiotic feckin phone. Social skills (the genuine interpersonal part) will be lost entirely and communication will occur only between devices. I will be dead, it will not matter.


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