31 thoughts on “On Patrol

    • Oh my god, someone asked where it was taken!!!
      Outside of Yuma, AZ is the Yuma proving grounds, where men get to prove themselves. There was a roadside display of several army tanks and this is one of them. It was sitting on a round concrete pad which was removed via Photoshop, because homey, he be a clever boy. I also removed a few other distractions. I wanted it to appear as if it could be anywhere with foothills, including Mideastern countries, and other obscure places, like Yuma.
      And while I am not as steady as I once was, I did not stumble in the taking of this photo 😉

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  1. That was my second thought after thinking, cool picture… now where would he have been to stumble across that?! Arizona makes perfect sense, since you were in a U.S, locale. Yup, deserty, dry, and very red. 😉


    • Your first thought should always be “oh how I love that old, persnickety, SOB.” Yes, I went to the proving grounds to prove myself and as part of that I had to take on a tank, one on one. While it wasn’t easy, the tank is now scrap metal and my wrist is sore.

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      • Ha ha ha…. Yeah, you’re right, of course. I don’t know how I could have forgotten my own friggin’ mind that way! I know better now and yes, you the manly man! Damn all torpedoes and tanks!


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