26 thoughts on “Pretty Dog

  1. They were bred as cattle dogs and are very hardworking, intelligent pooches. I didn’t know they were an international breed, until you told me in this post. My Snowy is also part dingo but couldn’t look more different to this beasty. He is also a smarty. Well, more of a smartarse to be honest. But lovable, of course. Hope you are well, Mike. X Kate


    • They are an intelligent breed which is how they became international dogs. In 1953 a pair of your blue heelers decided they had enough of your country and wanted to see the world. They stowed away on a ship bound for America and after landfall they lived secretly in Atlanta, Georgia, where they raised 9 pups and they, in turn, mated with other breeds but the blue heeler was dominate genetically, and the thousands of American heelers are spread out, here and there. The one I posted was in Arizona and found the dry hot climate most agreeable, saying at one point, ” ‘ello, mate. I do fancy it here as it reminds me of the stories my great, great, great, great, grandpappy passes on to us young pups about the homeland, full of dingos and animals that hop around too.” They seem to like to talk, your heelers.

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