20 thoughts on “Late Summer Bees

    • We do keep our house quite cool in the winter but we only shiver a little. What about bees that are not honey bees, or are they all honey bees? So much I do not know.


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  2. Honey bees hibernate in the hive. My hives are near the ocean where we’ve only had freezing temps once over the last five years. The bees seal the hive with a goo they produce and then they huddle around the queen. In hot weather the workers bring water back to the hive and spit it up while beating their wings;i.e., air conditioning. I’ll collect my last batch of honey next week, leaving the excess for the bees to live on until the spring. I think the challenges facing bees are more extreme in your area than they are in mine. Take care and protect the bees.


    • Very cool stuff, Steffen, and great info. Air conditioning indeed. I am familiar with the disappearing bee issue which is about insecticides. I also know how serious it is, so I will protect every bee to the extent that I can.


  3. Amazing creatures who manufacture an amazing product. Apart from being a good food, honey is also an excellent antiseptic and can be used to dress wounds. Jars of honey have been discovered in Egyptian tombs and found to be till edible. (Though I’m not sure I’d fancy it myself after all that time.)


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