33 thoughts on “Old Farm House

      • That is cool, I do that too… you can fix a lot of things with black and white. It made even some of my overexposed images look good.


      • My color image was a complete failure technically. I was sorting out the settings for a new camera and wasted a day of images that were soft and exposed poorly. This is one of them and when I gave it new life as a mono image it sang for me. Go figure.


  1. ?! Where do all these Colorado people go? Coloradans? Coloradans? I can imagine this place brand new, what a cute cute house. Of course the laughter of children make it a home…..or if you’re hearing that today, a haunted house, eeeeek. xk


    • Coloradoans, I reckon. I heard many things from that house and laughter is what I chose to go with. It may well have been haunted, or perhaps I am just insane. Good morning Kelly.


      • Good Evening (say that with a spooky accent). If I thought a place was haunted, I’d stay miles away from it. One night (for some stupid reason), I started reading a ‘true’ ghost story site on the net. People chimed in with their ‘apparent’ true experiences……well I had the worst nightmares and said never again. LOL Bwak, bwak, bwak :/


      • I think I am deeply intrigued by the para-normal world and while part of me is fearful, the rest of me is attracted to this world. Do you get Showtime and if so did you watch Penny Dreadful? Some great and crazy creep going on in there.

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      • I don’t think we get Showtime. But anyway, I can not watch scary shows, I’m way to chicken. Even commercials of scary shows, I hide my eyes. I’m the biggest baby you have every seen 😛


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