Sweet Ladybug

sweet ladybug

Like most of us, I have always liked ladybugs, and treat them with reverence.


17 thoughts on “Sweet Ladybug

  1. There’s the old nursery rhyme; –
    “Ladybird, Ladybird,
    Fly away home.
    Your house is on fire,
    Your children alone.”
    Don’t know how that arose. Not very nice really, considering what pleasant little creatures they are. Sally


    • Not a pleasant rhyme at all.

      Ladybug, ladybug
      Spotted and sweet
      won’t you help me fly
      and lift me off my feet
      Your children are safe
      resting in a tree
      Ladybug, ladybug
      come fly with me.


    • I feel the same way. It is interesting the extent to which they are regarded so highly. Just because they are pretty and delicate, eh?
      I watched a slide show of you and Alys in Alberta on YouTube yesterday. It was nice!

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