17 thoughts on “Million Reservoir

  1. I took a favorite nephew fishing most of last week. We scored a few to take home for dinner. Most of the time though, if the fishing is slow, I’m happy to take in the scenery and tootle around with the camera! Seems like you did the same here.


  2. That looks like a superb place Mike – we do have something in common, I haven’t caught a fish there this year either 🙂


  3. Where are the fish? Why are you not catching them? There are so many places where fish and other life are on the decline. Or maybe it is your fishing skills that are on the decline? Or maybe you are just not getting to do those things you want to do? Whatever the reason, I detect a note of sadness which I want to acknowledge but not necessarily enjoy. hence no “like”.

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    • My skills remain intact. What I am not doing is getting up early, or going late, and as such I miss the best times to fish. Sadness? Not really my intent. Humor, perhaps (or, perhaps not.)


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