48 thoughts on “Big Meadows Reservoir

    • I was going to jump in naked and then thought that everyone there would freak out and I would be arrested and put on a sexual crime register, so I can only guess you are correct 😉


      • Some of the most beautiful regions of the nation and you have caught so many great shots…fabulous!


      • Thanks. I once lived in Florida when I was in the navy, 68-72, stationed in Milton, not far from Pensacola.
        My son lived down by you from 2003-2006 and it was fun to visit him every winter. Mostly I love the Keys and have been down there many times.

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      • The Keys are my favorite hang-out Mike, I get down there whenever I can stopping in to fun spots on the way. Tallahassee is as far as I have gotten in the Panhandle. The beaches are stunning out that way from what I have heard.


      • Well, the beaches were stunning back in the day. White sand, and very clean. What they look like now….who knows. Back then I was in a 7-11 and I swear the governor (Ruben Askew) came in shopping. I kid you not. It was surreal. I also saw the original Colonial Sanders driving out of the parking lot at a KFC. White hair, white Cadillac.

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      • Too cool Mike! Colonel Sanders and Ruben Askew. Of course the Colonial was driving a white Caddie …what else:) love that.


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