Water’s Edge


water's edgeA good gaggle of glad geese giddily gathered on the Rio Grande river recently.


26 thoughts on “Water’s Edge

  1. We have geese throughout Northern Virginia, living in horrible choose conditions, close to man made ponds. Make me sad…so I am so pleased and happy to see this lovely gaggle in the right place, in accordance with their needs. Lovely pic.


    • Thank you. Since geese fly, why don’t they go find a habitat that would be more pleasing to them? I’m guessing they are getting their needs met on those man made ponds.
      And thank you.


      • Oh they are..but they are living on the edges of roads, getting run over by cars. In Silver Spring, and there are so many..the city is going to herd them up, slaughtered them & feed them to the homeless. Bad, sad..that’s why I appreciate your photo so much.


  2. Oh yes, the much seen Canadian export…le goose. We had them on our front lawn a lot at the lake. They leave their messy calling cards everywhere. Normally just after you’ve mowed because companies coming :/ I prefer ducks…quiet, content ducks.


  3. Love this shot. Would love to be in that water right beside ’em. Well, maybe a little further to the left… where it’s a little deeper and I wouldn’t be as afraid of stepping around goose crap.:)


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