Black Eyed Susans (three images)

About eighteen months ago I won a pack of seeds from my generous and very talented blogging friend,  Adrienne Morris.

black eyed susans

Adrienne is a gifted author who also manages a farm and family. I would encourage you to check out her novels and blog.

black eyed susan

This is the second year the flowers are up and they apparently spent the winter multiplying. They are abundant and gorgeous. Thanks Adrienne!

four susans


25 thoughts on “Black Eyed Susans (three images)

    • They are amazing, and there is much beauty in this world and so much ugly and horror too. My favorite movie is The Thin Red Line, a Terrance Malik directed film that came out maybe in 1999 which is about this contrast between nature’s beauty and war.
      Anyhow, thanks for the comment, my sweet friend.

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      • Too true Mike, I haven’t seen the pic, i passed on it when it was on TCM, I am not a fan of war movies, perhaps I will catch it next time around. Nature is so beautiful but so taken for granted.


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