42 thoughts on “Old Colorado Church

  1. This is quite beautiful Mike. The steeple is wonderful as well as the turquoise roof and smooth surface that reminds me of Pueblo, a magnificent find. I think I would definitely need to wander inside there


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      • The longer I look at this picture, the more play and pleasure in visual play my eyes get from the lineal directionals. This underscores for me the content of the photo – meditation. A holy space is a space for meditation.


      • Truthfully, when I shoot it is largely an intuitive process. I do spend time with settings, and I do think (a little) about composition but when I see it, I feel it, and it comes together for me in a natural way. Your comments suggest that my intuition is spot on, at least in this image. And I thank you for your analysis and your sense of it all.


  3. That is an endearing, rustic looking church! I love your pic! Would be so cool to see the inside of it too! Happy 4th of July wishes to you and your family! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  4. Really beautiful shot Mike! Sorry I haven’t been on here much. Still kinda getting adjusted after moving to Tennessee. I plan on being more active on the blogs really soon though.


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