15 thoughts on “Eastern Sky

    • It is a city park in my neighborhood and so the city maintains it. It is also where we walk our dear Pumpkin early in the morning and let her move about off leash.
      Thank you Hollie.

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      • It’s beautiful, I would love to have a wide open space to let Tide run around. He won’t go out the front door unless he is on his leash. Such a creature of habit.:)


      • Pumpkin isn’t supposed to be off leash but I don’t care and we leash her if anyone is around, which is seldom. She needs the soft cool grass under her these days.

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      • Tide will go out back in the fenced in yard but only for a while, lays in the sun, but it is so hot now, in the mid 90’s. We still walk him twice a day but it’s not easy being out there. have a beautiful day Mike!


      • I am presently sitting in my motorhome in southwest Colorado in a park at 8500 feet. It was 42 degrees last night which makes for real good sleeping. I will have a good day so long as you do the same.

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