18 thoughts on “Tractor and Buildings

  1. I like the energy in this photo. The tractor speaks of another time of life, as if it were a horse standing in the morning light, waiting for it’s farmer to come and harness it up for a days full of work. It leads to one musing about those days gone by.

    Beautiful imagery.


  2. When I was a kid, I had a camera my Grandma Boone gave to me for my birthday. When I lived on my Grandfather Hensley’s farm, I used to wander around out in the country and photograph old barns. My family said I was wasting film, and asking why I’d want pictures of old, dirty barns. When I got my film developed, they were in awe. Country sunsets, long prairie grasses, beautiful horses, and majestic old barns. No film was wasted.


    • Cool story. My mother gave me a similar reaction when I was taking pictures of neon lights in the interior of an apartment building in Manhattan. Now with digital technology we, I, can shoot until my finger hurts, with no additional cost.
      Well done!

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      • My Grandmother Hensley was the only one who stood up for me when everyone else said I was “wasting film”. The unintended reward was that in the winter after my Grandfather had died, and Grandmother had to sell the farm, I came to her with a leather bag stuffed with photographs of the farm life. Hundreds of pictures of all of her beautiful gardens, the ponies, the neighbors’ horses, kingfishers snatching bluegill and bass out of the pond. A bag of eternal summer. She said looking through those photos made her forget all about winter, and took her mind off the emptiness of her house when Grandfather was gone.


      • My grandmother was also a grand woman and for me she gave the gift of love and acceptance. Her love came during a difficult childhood where I needed to feel loved. She was a lifesaver.

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