26 thoughts on “Storm Moving East

  1. Beautiful and amazing photo. We have a tropical storm moving up the coast but it is lovely here. It is predicted to come onshore in the Carolina’s. They stick out like a sore thumb!


    • I would never purposely not respond to a comment from you so I’m glad I rescued this from my spam folder. Your full name is Hollie Hunter, like the fabulous actress? Thanks for this sweet comment….you are more appreciated than you might guess.


  2. Good morning, Mike!
    We have quite a stormy and rainy time here, too. Well, it certainly is that time of the year. And we always need rain before the dry summer sets in.
    Have wonderful Sunday,


  3. Super pic Mike, I love storms. I often think with all the crashing and banging of the thunder that it must be the weather gods playing bowls! Love the sky in that shot 🙂


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