Spring Emerging

spring emergingTo survive another Colorado winter I remind myself that spring will be magnificent.


43 thoughts on “Spring Emerging

  1. Looks like you’re gonna see some rain. Please send it our way, we’re literally on fire here. I’m surprised the tree’s are still bare? Is spring on time for you this year Mike?


    • Yes, spring is happening here in a big way, but some trees are slower than others to bloom fully. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago.
      I have read about your fire and do hope that you will be OK. Take all caution.

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      • Thanks for your concern Mike, Fort McMurray is 4.5 hour drive North from Edmonton so we are very safe. The fire is probably moving East today, most likely towards Saskatchewan. I’m thankful for the firefighters and all involved to have moved 90,000 people so quickly with no fatalities.


      • I hope you stay OK and that the fire is put out sooner than later. We get major fires here too and often there are several burning at one time.

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  2. Spring has been here in the Carolina’s for a while now which makes me worry about how hot it is going to be this summer. Also I need to make it to Colorado one of these days. It is one of the states I have always wanted to visit.


      • Yeah which worries me because it is already very hot in regular summers here. Colorado is beautiful. Someday….


      • Even on a hot Colorado day there is low humidity and it ALWAYS cools down to something real comfortable at night. I have never found a more comfortable place to be in the summer. The winter is another story altogether.


  3. Spring is bursting out all over Mike, I love the greenery here, a beautiful contrast to the rather wintery sky, or perhaps just rain for the flowers. Colorado…such a fitting name!


  4. I do wish you a magnificent spring. Here, in PA, it has been raining for a week now!!! I believe we are having an Irish kind of weather… with grass definitely becoming as green as on the other side 🙂 All together I am sure this weather is good for the nature 🙂 Hopefully, the sun is shining in Colorado 🙂


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