14 thoughts on “oh bloody hell

  1. Creepy? Scary? Hell yes them crazy bastards used untreated plywood to patch up who-knows-what! They get what they deserve but us? We get treated to a hell of a capture!

    Nice one Mike! I would have freaked and ran…..really pretty freakin’ creepy man.


  2. Ahhhhhhhh!!! SOOOOO CREEPY. Its 2 am and I get up to feed my baby and get on WordPress to pass the time….. And I’m supposed to go back to sleep soundly after seeing that?! I can’t look again. Is your next shoot going to be at the Stanley Hotel?


    • I love the creepy Stanley hotel which is not far from my home.
      You have a lucky and happy baby, and thanks for your funny comment which is well received.


  3. I know I missed this only because I wasn’t online to read that day… but still, so glad to get back to see this. What a weird shot, very compelling. That image in the window eerily similar to the soul of my last boyfriend. (LOL). Perfect caption!


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