Santa’s Tomb

Santa's Tomb

And sadly, the reindeer were lost without him, and expired as well.


26 thoughts on “Santa’s Tomb

  1. I think he got fed up with the job, and the reindeer moaning about long hours, and the elf women wanting equal pay, and the deterioration in the quality of hot chocolate and the over-cooked mince pies on the round, and he blew a hole in that chimney, stole a car, escaped, and is now living it up in the Bahamas!


    • After he stopped delivering gifts to children, a search determined where he last left gifts and from there it was an easy find, especially with his large carcass smelling like a dead mythological figure. But alas, he was replaced quickly so that small children everywhere would not be crushed at not receiving things they didn’t deserve or really need.


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