24 thoughts on “Reverence

  1. A beautiful shot Mike, the serenity of the angel, the lighting perfec. When I see a cemetery I must wonder about all the stories there. In our family cemetery we have graves dating back to the revolutionary war, it’s very fascinating.


  2. Lovely photo. I, too, am curious of cemeteries — sometimes, among the few places where trees can grow unmolested and there is something resembling “peace and quiet”. We have a small one near my home, established in 1876, which I walk through almost every day — it has a gentle presence. πŸ™‚


    • I too would walk through that cemetery, drinking the quiet and trying to feel a spirit or two. Where I live there is a cemetery but it is a ways out and does not hearken.
      Thank you for the comment, Carrie.


    • Oh no, there are millions of people who have it all figured out. Of course it was other people such as parents or preachers that figured it out for them, but on they go, cock sure about it all. As to what actually happens after death, I’ll get word to you if there is a way. If not, see me in every ray of sunshine, hear me in a child’s laugh, and feel me in a soft cool breeze. Or not πŸ˜‰

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      • Very funny, Mike. I agree about there being very little questioning of doctrine that is handed down. At the age of seven I was told by a nun that my dead pooch wouldn’t be there in heaven waiting for me, when I joined the dear departed. No dogs in heaven??!! Then it ain’t heavenly. End of unquestioning belief for me!


      • There is a chance that dogs may have a shot at heaven, whereas we evolved humans are shit outta luck. Just sayin’ And, if we keep being re-born until we get it right, I’ll be wearing diapers once again (and I don’t mean at the nursing home)


  3. “…see me in every ray of sunshine, hear me in a child’s laugh, and feel me in a soft cool breeze…” I’ll look for you when I get there, brother Mike…..


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